Cycleops I100 Sport Bike Overview

The cycleops i100 sport bike is a good exercise bike for you who need manually adjust the resistance and don’t want spending a fortune. At under $1670 price, this is one of a good cardio training equipments option on the market nowadays.

CycleOps I100 Sport Bike

As a good cardio training equipments, saris cycling group traces its origins back to 1973 when the graber brothers invented their first bike rack. the grabers sold the bike rack company in 1989 to chris and sara fortune who created the saris brand in 1992 and followed it up with cycleops in 1999 and powertap in 2001. as a constant innovator the madison wisconsin-based company introduced the first powertap-equipped indoor cycle in 2004 making it possible for riders train with precision. boasting a company of dedicated product managers ingenious engineers creative designers and hardworking employees saris cycling group keeps its customers on the cutting edge of bike design.

This cycleops i100 sport bike appropriate for anyone who are looking for exercise bike with manually adjust the resistance. the most road-like feel you can get indoors. made in the usa.

Reviews by person who have ordered this cycleops i100 sport bike are valuable enlightenment to make choices. During the time of writing this cycleops i100 sport bike review, there have been no less than 4 reviews on this web. On average the reviews were appreciate and we give rating 3 from 5 for this cycleops i100 sport bike. It better and more comfortable to buy this cardio training equipment since get to be able to read how real buyers felt about purchasing this exercise bikes.

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