Pure White Acer Chromebook with Fast Performance Below $500

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ is a strong, compatible, and very attractive item that comes with very long battery life, beautiful look, and high performance. This laptop is cheap too. It’s only below $500. It’s great between the best laptops under 500.

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ

Acer joins the new field by producing the attest Chromebook with real performance and presenting fast response, the item name is Asus Chromebook with the number series is CB3-131-C3SZ. This item is designed inspired with the pure color clamshell. Thus it has compact yet very beautiful design look that will makes people feel flutter and fall in love. The white color makes the look becomes even prettier, just like one moment that never chased out of mind. Moreover the specifications are just working perfectly.

Acer Chromebook Specifications

ThisĀ notebook under $500 has been design with very beautiful design but by looking at the specification inside the item will be even more excited. It can produce very fast response that comes up from the high valuable processor of Intel Celeron, the N2840 type. This processor helps to produces truly fast speed that can reach up to 2.16 GHz and will boast up with Intel burst technology. With that the speed can be up to 2.58 GHz. Of course as this one is the Chromebook type, the program uses the one of the best browsers developed by Google, the Google Chrome. The Google Chrome is the operating system that is injected there. Thus it can show special and attractive performance which is different than using the usual and general type of notebook.

Beautiful Dazzling Look

As it can be seen, the design newly beautiful and dazzling with patterned aluminum look that covered all over the body frame netbook. The screen wide is 11.6 inches that is covered with IPS screen and Intel HD graphics. What special is it has been attached with clear and bright screen system technology that is step on the high great quality it is IPS screen system that allows people to feel the very charming view especially as it is completed with Intel HD Graphics.

Big Storage and other Great Features

This convertible Chromebook has spacious storage on both RAM storage and internal storage. There is 2 GB wide storage for DDR3L SDRAM that comes in onboard and 16 GB for the internal storage. This item is made with great body composition body with balance ratio that is 16:9 ratios. That is not the end since this item is completed with other various features like the audio support coming with high definition technology, appreciated very clear sounds. This feature is combined together with two built-in of stereo speaker.

On the port availability, this item provides several types of ports like USB 3.0 port type and USB 2.0 port. Other one is the HDMI port that comes with HDCP support. Without losing its charm, this item provides high quality camera webcam which is up to high definition. The resolution is up to 1280 x 720. Of course this Chromebook really shows its strong side by presenting very long hours battery that can be turned on until 9 hours long. This is due to the 3 cell Li-Ion that is available to support the energy of the machine. The battery energy reaches up to 3220 mAh. This Chromebook really can show very competence performance.

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