Ford Focus with New Features Present in 2019

The name Ford Focus in the world automotive industry has been strong enough for the past 2 decades. Started to be introduced in 1998, the successor of the Ford Escort is arguably one of Ford’s successful products which is not an ‘ID card’ America. Because the first area that received the Ford Focus was the European region, then it was only developed into the Asia Pacific and the United States.

Oh yes speaking of the Ford Focus in Indonesia, there is one thing that is quite interesting and makes the prestige of the Ford Focus up in Indonesia. Yes, even though the debut of the Ford Focus in Indonesia began in 2005 and has used the second generation Ford Focus (both sedan and hatchback versions), in 2009 the Ford Focus (sedan version) was officially used as the official police vehicle of the Republic of Indonesia. No doubt more road users know Ford Focus as a police car.

But the image began to be removed when Ford entered the third generation Ford Focus in Indonesia at the 2012 IIMS event. Shown only in the hatchback version for the Indonesian market, the Ford Focus began targeting the premium hatchback segment with quite good features and good performance.

But now we will talk about the latest generation of the Ford Focus, which entered the fourth generation to coincide with the birthday of the 20th Ford Focus. If you look at European specifications, the fourth generation Ford Focus is available in a hatchback and estate version, while in the Australian version available in the sedan version. And for the Ford Focus 2019 review this time we will focus on discussing the hatchback version of this car.

ford focus 2019


The hatchback version of the 2019 Ford Focus provides a sharper and sportier character approach to the ST-Line version, and a more elegant version for Titanium. What will be discussed in detail in the review of the Ford Focus 2019 is the ST-Line version. More details can be seen from the explanation on the front, side, and rear sides.

Ford is very concerned about the front exterior appearance of the Ford Focus which is now designed more aerodynamically but still has a sporty face. The use of an elongated front bonnet supports the front fascia which now uses a massive-sized trapezoidal grille equipped with Active Shutter Grille technology that can open / close air access to the radiator when it is not needed.

Slightly shifted to the lower area on the left and right side of the bumper pinned an Air Curtain inlet which serves to reduce turbulence on the front wheels. Not to forget the Ford Focus 2018 headlight sector already uses LEDs with a two-piece design separated by LED Daytime Running Light that feels fresh and attractive.

On the side, the 2019 Ford Focus continues to pay attention to the elements of aerodynamics through the design of an optimized rearview mirror to reduce drag effects. In addition, the character line curves on the 2019 Ford Focus also flow from the headlight line to the midpoint on the rear door, before then coming back to the rear taillght line. Not forgetting to add a sporty character to this car, the 18-inch alloy wheels are fitted with a two-tone model.

In the exterior area behind the Ford Focus 2019 a useful roof spoiler is attached to the aerodynamics side, as well as a window strakes panel that minimizes the drag effect on the aero side of the car. On the other hand LED taillight also gives the impression that this car has a wide and sporty body posture, especially with the twin tailpipe that is presented on the right side of the bottom bumper of the car. Read also this article 2020 Ford Bronco Redesign and Release Date.


Prioritizing the comfort of all passengers in the cabin, the Ford Focus offers a variety of premium materials and maximizes the spacious impression in the cabin with a touch of an open panoramic roof. Each trim on the Ford Focus 2019 has its own characteristics, where the ST-Line version that you see today will further highlight the sporty side of the hatchback.

The Ford Focus 2019 dashboard feels futuristic and modern thanks to the floating display in the 8-inch center area that can be operated through the touch of a hand. At the bottom for the majority of the car’s control settings are placed close to the transmission lever, while the climate control is positioned parallel to the middle AC grid.

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On the side of the driver besides being spoiled with a steering wheel that has a multi function button, there is also a head-up display that was first used by Ford. Through this feature, the driver can get information about the car without the driver losing focus while driving
The 2019 Ford Focus seat is designed for comfort for 5 adult passengers. The front seat of the Ford Focus 2019 features a semi-bucket seat with an 18-way adjustable seat for the driver and front passenger. Interestingly for the rear row seat if it is not used, it can be folded easily through the button from the trunk space.

Speaking of luggage space, the Ford Focus 2019 has a normal luggage capacity for a hatchback. Under conditions of luggage capacity standard Ford Focus 2019 covering 375 liters, which can be expanded when the rear seat condition is folded to an area of ​​1,354 liters.